User Experience & User Interface Designs

User Experience & User Interface Designs

Ever since Visual Infomedia began operation, it focused on User Interface Design solutions. We simplified user interfaces UX and UI Design for customized, focused and result-oriented resolutions to fulfill client needs. Our professional team of IT experts ascertains UX and UI Designs provide overall feel of specific purpose for the product or service projections.

Skilled professionals at Visual Infomedia take best measures to bring ultimate User Experience Design for the respective clients. Steps are taken to design screens to pages thus simplify and ease user interacts.

Effective User Interfaces, Rewarding Solutions

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Considering boom in IT Sector and demand of Interactive website design, we maintain scholarly approach to design interactive digital products.To fulfill digital needs, we offer:

  • Environment for UX Research
  • UX Testing solutions
  • Effective systems
  • Overall services

Such practices are for digital and non-digital interactive solutions as Interaction designs that ease human–computer interaction and software developments.

Wire Frames

Being a solution provider in different niches, we bring Wire Frames solutions to fulfill client needs. Our professional website strategists have Website Template Design and related solutions to help fulfill the requirements, including:

  • Complete website wireframe
  • Page schematic or screen blueprints
  • Perfect visual guide in skeletal frameworks
  • Effective website basic arrangements
UX Research

UX Research

With this aim to offer ultimate user experience, we provide extensive UX (user experience) research solutions. The primary purpose is implying well-planned and systematic user investigation by keeping the needs into consideration. It simplifies evaluation of different contexts or insights to plan UX Research for the required benefits sought:

  • Usability Testing
  • User Research
  • User Stories

UX Testing

UX Testing or Usability Testing technique is pivotal to plan the user-centered interaction designs. We evaluate products through testing that on the users to obtain direct inputs on exceptional usability practices. We also evaluate real users’ assessment for:

  • Testing for Usability
  • Evaluating User Stories
  • Usability Inspection Methods
UX Testing
User Interface Design

User Interface Design

User Interface Design or UI Design is an important step for user interfaces to get best services from machines or software uses. We keenly focus on the solutions which ascertain usability maximization. Its direct benefits are as follows:

  • Effective user experience
  • Simplification of user interaction
  • Focus on user-centered designs

Website Template Design

Being in IT solutions sector, we facilitate unique Website Template Design that depends on specific needs. It solely depends on website owners on certain areas to focus on. We guide on all stages of designing process:

  • Suitable Template Options
  • Layout & Visual Design
  • Designer Template Solutions
Website Template Design


Much in demand nowadays, Iconography solutions are available from our end. As it is an extensive step to evaluate or interpret contents of specific images, we simplify services for the following:

  • Assessing specific compositions
  • Exact content of image evaluation
  • Unique timely solutions

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are ardent needs for ecommerce sites to seek instant attention of the potential clientele. Planned Landing Page Design makes a big difference to reach up to potentials for businesses. Here are the attributes:

  • Eye-catching Landing Pages
  • Explaining features in simple language
  • Brief yet informative contents
Landing page Design
Blog Design

Blog Design

Blogging is crucial for websites to maintain ranking. Blog Design is an art to sum the words to describe certain ideas or even marketing leads in scholastic manner. Designing of blogs seek the following elements:

  • Creative yet to-the-point descriptions
  • Maintaining the required word limits
  • Maintaining coherence in the blogs